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You know how you love getting comments on your Facebook status updates? Well, I found that it was my updates involving my youngest son, 3-year-old Max, that were getting the most action, as it were. (What, no one cares about my bad hair days???) So, here you go, your instant resource of little person musings....& if you have a budding philosopher (or comedian) of your own, send their insights my way & I'll post them for all to enjoy!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Um, what are you feeding this kid??

The running commentary on the way home from preschool (where Max got plastic Easter eggs filled with jelly beans):

Opening up an egg carefully: "Nice and easy, boys. Nice and easy."

"Mom, the purple ones taste like strawberries, yeah. And the pink ones taste like M & M's. Oh, and the black ones taste like Starbucks! The blue ones taste like beer, yeah."

Jelly Belly Co.-- We've got some new flavors for ya!

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